No Will, No Power


Clasping my hands

I hold my dismay inside

Bring me the life

The one I left behind


Holding my breath

I bottle up my anger

What is this place?

I don’t belong here


Burying my face in the pillow

I cut the world out

Take me away

I long for peace


Staring into the ceiling

I force my tears out

Yelling a silent scream to life

Something’s got to give

It’s either me, or it’s you…


It took me a while…

It’s the passage of trials

That brings the rampage of this kind

A broken dream

A living heart shaped box


It’s the moment when you hold back

A novel thought

Bringing back tears

A tryst with fear


Its’ the notion of emotion

That words never could muster

A common disease

A drunken movement


It’s a wonderful step

A feeling of accomplishment

To account for the living

When I called you


It’s been a while…

Hasn’t it!?!

Silence of my heart…

(Trying my hand on two sets of poetry in one. Read the un-words as a set and the others as a separate one after you read the whole thing at once… leave your comments as well)



Unprepared Unreasoned a dove we fly

Unscaped Undeterred I let my life entwine

Unpacked Untangled the rhythm we sway

Unselfish Unworthy time wraps life

Unauctioned Unraveled a whisper to hide

Unable Unstable I walk the line…

Every Nice Guy’s Disrepair

(Right after the Delhi rape case, talking to girls who were my friends felt like this)


We live in a world

Where they call us equals

But for the women

The tragedy has had many sequels


No thought, no remorse

As they take her dignity

Like his hormones

He had levelled to insanity


Now you throwing stones

On the thought of a man

Relinquishing all memories

Of the ones at hand


As we speak

Your words, they stab me

As if I’m a stranger

And as a friend you never knew me

Never had me…

Will you?

Will you be that spark I need
From the world I have already perceived
A sparkle I crave
A willingness I want in my head?

Will you step in front
A cast away to capture your truth
To relive a wish
To forgiveness and acclaim?

Will you come and say
The line on a karaoke
The song I wish to sway?
I beg you please, be astray….