Press D For Life

In colours

Bright as black & white

Craving for the shadows

In the dark of light


Walk inside

And take a peak

Loneliness gathers

Knees go weak


Struggle aboard

To the wake of dawn

Hide a tide

Live on


In thoughts

Tangled deep within

Breath again

Not a drop of sin


Stretch out

Waiting to behold

Endless caravans

A tale untold


I Wouldn’t Play The Game

I live like I do

For one day

The leaves fall

The trees dwarf

The whistles pause

I crave

For an unwinding windfall

A fortune

For darkness enthralls

She thinks

She builds a fort

A moment unspoken

A lifetime, she recalls

I live a life

With shatter and shame

With disbelief

An infatuation I hold onto with self blame

Will I curse you for this situation?

I wouldn’t play that game

I am to blame

Even if I had the chance

I couldn’t stand the strain

Until I knew the shame

To live give into the blue

I wouldn’t play the game


Your voice ripples across my mind

Like a drop of antidote for a loss in time

You cool my head, for I ache to cry

I Drive around in circles to see the world go by

Your fragrance sways my thoughts

Like a whiff of fortune for the broken heart

You calm me down, for when anxiety strikes

I clutch upon your love to live my life…

He be the one (My might scares)

(written for a friend)


I caved into darkness

to make a livelihood of the truth

I made sure everyone knew

so that the words meant true


I devoured the bitterness in its path

to make the world spin the right path

I took my loneliness and weld a throne

for him to step up the chair


I meant the world to him

his righteousness he cared

I tore my world apart

for the worlds I craved

Who to confide?

I leave my past behind

Every time I try and make a move

But my words, my thoughts cant suffice

The hurt when you leave my side.


Your words leave me in sunder

The lasting impression that can bite

A living hell, a reconciliation of a life gone by

A deja vu, I cry for the not and the nay


No one can breath my thoughts

Every word I say crosses the path

A moment when you are back to the start

Living the life of a nomad, a lonely heart.




She crossed a channel

Onto the dessert

Where fingers were pointing at her

Doubting her


She cried a river

Stretching out for her past

Endlessly craving for a moment

Tirelessly waiting


She hates her life

Blemishes she endures

To a ratchet past and an unseen future

Every ache sores to the bone