I cast a new page

As i pass my eye unpon my past
one face comes at fast
to thee that shine on me
playing the beat off the magnificient sea
No aim goes abay
when its my time to say
i can see the past
it cant break its path
Of the chores of a day night
i clip my mind on to the shining light
i havent said enough
maybe this phrase aint tht tough
As i lay my eyes on thy past
i see you
living in ma brains
till i see you through
I cast the shadow upon our deeds
we made a promise that seeped
we had some trouble and a bit of trife
but now we friends for life…

6 thoughts on “I cast a new page

  1. Normal humans cannot right stuff like this. You must be intoxicated with some substance while writing this. I think I will go and get my glass of scotch and re-read this. I see the word “weed” way too many times. lol

    1. seepedwee
    2. deedswe

    Anyhow, glad you've taken back to your lost blog. Cheers!! hick!

  2. I see your pain
    from it there is no gain.
    Move on from the dark
    join everyone in the park.
    It's time you made your mark.

    Deep meaning is: It's time to get out of ur past and join the intellectual group……..

    The above words were written while on free scotch with Harry!

  3. Very deep.

    But can you just get rid of your stupid slang language 'tht' and 'ma'. Bad poet that is.

    That said, it is good decoding of your very twisted mind


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