Play Ball

A phrase after which a nation unites, kitchen sinks stops rattling, there are empty seats as everyone stands and expresses their feels in unison. Yes! I am talking about a religion we are thrown into when we just learn to walk and we embrace it with arms wide open. CRICKET, bat ball, a Sunday morning workout or just another way to say “by mom I’m going to play!”

With millions of viewers we Indians are the largest cricket watching people, period. With a massive population like ours its really hard to believe that just a bunch of people get to be on the big screen, play in Indian colours and move onto becoming cricketing greats. But its true, out of a population of 1,147,995,904 phew that’s a lot, a mere handful make it to the epitome of a nation that considers cricket as its adopted national game.

Apart from that, the ones who do get to be on the other side of the idiot box become over-night celebrities. From rags to riches, there must be hundreds of stories which would make you feel proud that someone from a rather unknown place with no formal lingual education makes you want to cheer for India and he now hold the bottle of champagne, which once you dreamt of opening after winning a crucial match for your country.
Many would say “Been there done that!”. And then you would talk to this human being like he once was –the greatest cricketer of that month. I believe I am getting to my point here. Recent adventures down under made a few the heartthrobs of the country with a few wickets and a few runs at a decent time on the field.
Give them a run for a while and the zip in their game slowly fades away. The opposition is no slouch and dismantles the every disintegrating will of the player to the point that within 20 games from being the frontier of the team, he is side lined. A vicious attack on one’s self esteem. From here an Aussie would bounce back with words to rattle the opponent, a South African would hit back with bolts of his own, an Englishman would turn to brute force and give back his critics the well deserved beating. But what happens to an Indian?

An Indian turns away; shy from the very beginning of his life, never to counter what’s been thrown at him. He gets into his safe zone; his seniors console him, tormented follower gives him tips and he falls apart. Once a great asset to the team becomes a hole to dig into at times of the demise of the team. Finally he quits!
I’m here trying to find answers to questions which hit us all. Simple questions about endurance of a player, misuse of raw talent, politics in the administration, a million roles played by a single entity, and a host of other that creep me out every time I see the Indian team on the field troubled and disgusted with their own performance.

I’d rather not get into what I feel they should do. Spill out what you think about it…


2 thoughts on “Play Ball

  1. Firstly, I'm glad you've taken to blogging. Superb.

    Now, cricketers have a tough life and truck loads of pressure – the dreams of billions of people. They do goof off. Stones are pelted at them – when they loose. If they win, its A O K. I'm not much of a cricket fan, however, I do feel that the game brings the nation together at times – breaks all lingual barriers.

    At the latest, all the money these player pocket is commendable. Harbhajan just got a Hummer and Sachin has a Ferarri. The rewards seem to improve – the game however doesn't. Exceptions apart.

    Hope to see regular posts from hereafter.


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