In a Moments notice

When the words foresee what’s going to come forth
When the jokes seem harsher then the words spoken
When the goodness is complicated to the point unseen
And when the moment seems you are on the winning streak

A word that cost you someone’s life
A truth that killed someone inside
A mere fact that made you think otherwise
Makes me think I’m alive

When the words seem out of rated
When the world seem out of dated
When the knife kneels behind the broken glass
And when the facts seem immature
And the truth seems insecure
And the life u lived thought you so much

Look at me as a shining light
A moment not to forget
A line out of your favorite book
An imagination that couldn’t bring the truth

Bring upon a god forbid
A strife that thought you to live
A struggle that got you to think more
A forgotten past that you never looked at before

Am the only one that notices
A lonesome ghost that wishes
A gust of wind that got you waiting
A killer that made you wait for more

A conversation that made you think you won
A line that made you wanna say more
A moment of silence that made you wanna say more

Get this one into you
I’m the one who got to know you more
I’m the one who sees things clearly
A moment that made me think disbelieve
A night that made me kinda aloof…


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