A Priest’s Preach

In the game of life
There is always a way
From the right people to play
To the utter dismay

With ones’ experience
Tables are turned
With other’s tact
Life’s journey is adjourned

Having the right direction
Leads you to tell the right lie
A motivation so profound
Bestows belief, strength and the will to fly

In the game of life
There will always be fears
Some to overcome
Others leave us in tears

With one false move
It changes its path
The right one then
A daunting back track

Having the right men around
Forces us to be right
A singular path
The divine bright light.


3 thoughts on “A Priest’s Preach

  1. Because I know you so well, because we have spend so much time together as room mates, because I know what is going on currently in your life, because I understand your inner workings… It all makes sense. How true, the perception of life, at the moment, albeit briefly… Things will take time. Cheers.

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