Think… analyse… act…

(They way I thought after the 26/11 attack)

What does it take to create the biggest attack on our prestige, the deepest wound in our system and the longest running anti-terror mission in India? A well-laid plan…

26th Nov. 08’ a night that changed the entire facade of terrorist being thought as the most illogical and brainwashed people on planet earth, to one of utter fear and astonishment. As the world watched and a handful of young gentlemen, after having their share of the night’s amusement, blindly shot that they wished wanted dead. Like devils prowling their way hunting down innocent pray.

Bodies flying, bullets gushing through and blood splattered all over the place. A typical Hollywood terror attack, a movie scene, a surreal feeling of “Is this actually happening?”
Commotion filled aroma of gunpowder, mixed with the deafening sound of airwaves that hit you deep inside. A fear that surmounted that of anything ever feared off. This was the fear of death.

They walked casually in and sat like they had come here every other day. Paid their bills, and rampantly did what they came here to do. It seemed so simple, how did they do it with no one to stop them in their tracks, summoned their intentions and locked out their emotions. They knew they were walking on the path of destruction, madness and pure glorification. Mission accomplished!

50 plus hours and they were still spreading the same list of emotions that have a black list in our systems. Why was it taking so long? Why did so many die? Why was it happening to us? Why us again? A score of questions amass our minds.

Is it that these terrorists are getting better at it or we don’t even know how far they have made it? I believe its us who have not gone anywhere. We are a waiting bunch of idiots (centre and state combined) who have presumed the role of a sitting duck. Waiting to be hit again, again and again. Are we waiting for them to become passive to us? Are we thinking if we don’t do anything they might just get bored of us? I have a grin of disgust…

So whose fault is it? Who made the mistake? The government did? No. The one whose made the mistake is reading this right now. Until we clear the root of all problems, it can’t be cleared from the top. How many times have we broken the law? Everyday we walk when the light says no to walking. Every other day you break a rule and easily say its ok let me handle it! We ourselves have lost our own integrity. It’s just a matter of Rs.50, isn’t it?

Where is the faith in law? How many times do we see a policeman and shiver with utter respect for the law? Ask yourself, if you were to sketch an Indian policeman, what would it look like? Let me give you a hint. A dark, heavy faced, grumpy looking, big moustached, over grown tummy, a single stick in his hand with khaki on him. Did that make any sense? It’s not difficult to disagree. This is the level of our saviours. Who is going to save them when everyone is in danger? Half of them haven’t had a bullet shot out of their miserly pistols and we expect them to combat against Avtomat Kalashnikova a.k.a AK 47. They stand no chance.

As hundreds of people died our very own elected Prime Minister gave a speech to the country. It looked like an uninspired song. A mere thought that just popped out the very moment. Still it was so stale, the foul smell could be smelt through the TV screen. What was expected was a tremour of earth shattering words that would have inspired a one legged to jump out of his house in wake of national retaliation and civilian safety.

Where were the names that had spoke all about “We are Marathi’s. We are the children of warriors!”. No one knew where they even were. Where was the feeling to togetherness as those who didn’t deserve to were dying every hour?

Like a waiter standing with his writing pad and a pen, the NSG awaited “Orders”. As if it didn’t seem like it was a situation they were specially trained and summoned for. They waited for miniscule things to get cleared. By the time it eventually happened, the death toll reached tripple figures.

“If it were on the NSG, the operation whould be over in an hour” NSG Commander. I do not need to argue further.

It’s upto the people who have studied how to govern, to govern, and to govern in the right way. I not talking about history sheeters turned politicians, I am talking about who know not just the right way but, those who are trained to be in the lead. We needed trained men to get rid of the scum in Taj, Oberoi-Trident and Nariman House. Don’t you think we need trained professionals to run our country?

I moan for everyone who gave their life for our safety, its not their fault that they were ill facilitated, that the currupt politicians gobbled up their money for one’s own security, but for its our fault that we never noticed them, never thought about their need when the judgement day would arrive.

All we can do is criticise them, look inside fellows, the first step belongs to us.

Change is what we want, so changed we shall get. Not change they shall be.

The tide has just started to go back, are we going to sit and wait for the tide to come back and get us again or are we going to make drastic measures to safeguard us?

Think… analyse… act…


6 thoughts on “Think… analyse… act…

  1. I too feel that its high time now for all of us..Stop complaining abt others. Let there be rule of law and everything else will be taken care of. Very well written dear!

  2. good writing is penning down thoughts in an interestig and an impapactful read.. Well put. Gives a perspective to the gamut of issues that hv cropped up after the incident.

  3. Very thought provoking write up Kani.Ur right. As citizens, it’s time to act than to sit back and play the lame blame game. But the government, the cops, the whole system needs to buckle up too. You spoke about people like us breaking rules, disrespecting cops. But look at what lies under this. We disrespect them because most of them (with due respect to the exceptions) never did anything to win our respect. We break rules every now and then. And what would make us stop?? STRICT DISCIPLINE. Which is an alien terminology in this country, where it’s cooler to make an extra buck out of gettin bribed than to be all strict and write a big deal out of a small offense. We break rules because they encourage us to break rules.Correcting small issues like these will barely make things any better. You temme…did the recent party busts in Bombay make any moral differences to society?? It only fucked things up for 200 innocent kids who went there just to have a nice time. Even if they were on psychoactive drugs, were they bothering anyone in any way?It’s unbelievable man. Some kids walk into a club with some stuff on them n those assholes fuk em up with blood tests n urine tests all night. Then some monsters walk into our counrty with a neverending supply of RDX n they get away!In a chaotic world like ours, logic doesn’t work. Cleaning up from grass root level’s not the solution. It’s time to start cleaning backwards.

  4. yes tuli, thats a fact that they never have allowed us to take notice of them as the one’s who are the law… as for those kids… i dont really think made much of a difference to some for of others, they now atleast now have a fear of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.. things are cleaner…you yourself were saying we wont respect the law and the police.. and when they really do something (the kids again) we again become the critic in their way… human rights, underage bails, all bullshit happens and the guilty get away cos we all think we are right and no matter wht the men in khakis do “THEY ARE WRONG”…if we start obaying the laws, however bad it may seem, atleast gives these same cops who dont abide it themselves may start doing things right.. for a plant to give the best flower you need to get to the root first, to stem the flow of the right kind of nutrients that will make the plant grow stronger and faster, finally ending up with the best orchid…if that made more sence…

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