The ghost seeks despair
Into the lights of ears
Sparkling like a two moon dance
Waiting for its enchanting romance


The bird hauls the wind along
Giving a leave the soft touch
Bracing its entire day
Changing the notes


The rat smiles for a brief
As he smuggles
A chalk to teach
For the little one awaits


Taking the deep breath
Falling through the bed
Hitting my head on the floor
I meant to leave all behind



1 thought on “Randoming:

  1. Be it ghosts, or the soft touch, one can be sure of a few things.One would be the condition of brain waves at the time of constructing such an orgy. Secondly, the resilience of our mediocre thoughts being underpinned with a certain kind of liberal-assault. It’s deep-seated into our cerebral cortex, where even the tiniest noogie springs myriad jousting. Cheers.

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