A Trip Called Cass

I walked on the isle of disparity
Faced the truths and looked for a distant touch
Talked within about me
For what I had become
I held my feelings for the right person to come

I’d always been lonely and distraught
Kept the unholy pledge of living alone
Never thought of another till I’d bump into one
Lost my senses to the scorching sun.

A ladder I held for one to jump
Sturdy at the bottom
But jittery when clung
A pool of dismay was waiting below
Splash someone and let me flow

I waited for her who I never had seen
But felt her deep within my soul
Trying to bust out and cry to this faceless fool
To wake him up from his misery, his life

Under the stars to the untouched land
I felt a touch as it grazed my shivering hand
Looked around and all I saw was none
Then I went back to my thoughts of the same scorching sun

Love of my life, would I ever find one?
The one shining goddess was all I looked for
Hoped to see her before this life was done
I missed myself when I was in content
I was bending the rules where they were already bent

All my life was a halted order
One lease of life that’s all I had called for
Give me myself back was my cry
Six years all together my heart, my brain
My life felt deprived

What did I know my diva was always near!
I never saw her because she was never mine
A connection I found like a needle in a hay stack
I don’t know what happened but then both of us never
Never looked back

How two different things can make something so amazing?
It was like a weird ass movie in the making
I had known her as barely as a friend
Not even 24hrs together felt like time was well spent
I wanted more then what we already had
Because this trip was coming to an end
And I wished for a time freeze
Or just stay here, never go back

I’m still living that trip
And might never get out of it
I hope I don’t because I might loose my senses
She already gone through all my defenses
I just can’t get to rhyme
I think I’ve already lose my senses

Now she’s all that I life for
And oh! It’s true
I can’t see that sun I don’t even want to
I’ll just live like this Cos’ my hearts with her
I keep thinking of her all day long
I hope we stick together
Cos’ with each other is where we belong..


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