The myth of creative is a person..

A creature that rolls down memory lane and digs himself a big bag of thoughts that have no relation to him anymore but resemble the actual features one needs to accomplish the unknown.
A person who initially takes the unexpected route to freedom of thought and hangs onto dear life when it comes to defending that thought. Generally seen as the most absurd human who lives on others and thrives on killing his own thoughts. He will not only be the one who writes but doesn’t do the same too.
He will lie to himself when it comes to rejecting the most obsessive thoughts that he generates. Will eat, drink and drink more all in order to get into a different kind of thought process. This differentiates him from others who won’t do the same just to keep fit.
But isn’t this what we all do as well in our daily lives. This is the beginning for a creative the world of his own a world where everyone else he sees but forgets about himself. “It’s all about connecting and stepping into others shoes” he says. “I eat to stay alive and keep walking on the lines which I believe on will get me to places where I know I will not fall”.If recollected this is not any obscene person he is just one of us. Or maybe just anyone, a person who falls into a category of being a human not an immortal who no one can touch just because he is something else. This person lives amongst all of us. He is just waiting for the right time and the right signals to pop right out and tell you how good you are. He is just a simple person with beliefs and thoughts not away from anyone of us. Just a bit of effort and anyone can attain the epitome of being creative.


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