Agency fleva

Walking past subway smelling the aroma of bread and chicken meatballs a thought crosses my mind why do we think only our tongue has the taste buds? everywhere you go now its a brand that sells not its product. halfway across the hallway you reach McDonald’s and u get its fresh aroma but u think of the kind of people sitting inside and eating and you rethink “nahhh! not my types. I’d rather sit in subway then sit with these monkeys and become one with the crowd then eat lavishly in sub and make a statement of my own even though its kinda getting on my pocket.

last few weeks here in my agency I’ve been feeling the same. feel proud and horrified at the same time. reviewing the facts about the future its a long shot but i see none but at present its a cool place to be. big brands, intellectually inclined discussions and the pantry. but is it worth here? will i be working or will be the already list of peon like interns walking around taking printouts with a “yes! I’ll do that too” tag line on me.

its the agency that looks good from the outside but saves lives from dying from within with its we’ll make it anyhow. That’s when reality strikes, its a mad mad world with an even better pay role to top it off. we may never get an opportunity like this to work with the top of the line agents working on the most interesting projects to work with. its a lively job with twists and turns at every moment and no shoulder to rest upon as everyone runs for themselves in the race to get to the top.

visualising a day of no timeline, the massage woman asking it i want to extend my time today, the subordinate tempting you to take your time and if you want take the rest of the day off remains a distant dream.

its just the taste of hard work and the satisfaction thereafter that drives you on. life’s a roll on deodorant which only you can apply and cant share with anyone else. its about finding your name on the final payroll list to flaunt in front of people. its the agency fleva..


9 thoughts on “Agency fleva

  1. it reminded me about the days at lintas…we feel proud to get in and at the same time work in with doubts in our mind- how worst it can be or the best we can get!! the posts is the mixture of feelings..Rucha

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